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Learn about the importance of obtaining a disability card

Importance of disability registration

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The Disability Identity Card is a legal document used to identify a Person with Disability

The Disability ID card has important medical details for emergencies. People with disabilities can use it to get assistive devices, tax exemptions, and access social services like cash transfer and education support. It proves that they have a disability for eligibility in these programs.

Helping you lead your best life at home and in the community.

Home and Healthy Living

We Promote daily support so you can lead the life you choose, at home and in your community.

Disability Aged Care

We promote older Zambians with disabilities to live as independently as possible.


We are one of the leading players in the disability employment support services arena


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About ZAPD

Zambia Agency For Persons with Disabilities is a quasi-Government Institution established by an Act of Parliament, the Persons with Disabilities Act No. 06 of 2012 of the Laws of Zambia. We are engaged in various activities in the development of quality programs and advocacy initiatives by the disability rights movement that comply with UNCRPD principles.

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ZAPD envisions itself in the next five years as: "A vibrant Agency that coordinates and regulates disability inclusive services." Through this Vision, ZAPD will endeavour to provide effective and efficient services for persons with disabilities.

Mission Statement

The mission statement for ZAPD is: "To Promote the well- being and rights of persons with disabilities through, the regulation and coordination of inclusive disability services"

Our Core Values

The Agency will share the following core values in the implementation of the strategic plan:

A. Ethics and Morality: ZAPD employees uphold professionalism and good morals in service delivery.

B. Human dignity: ZAPD treats all Persons with Disabilities and stakeholders with respect regardless of their status

C. Confidentiality: ZAPD employees do not reveal or disclose privileged information to unauthorized persons

D. Equity and equality: ZAPD ensures social justice for persons with disabilities in their access to opportunities 

E. Teamwork: ZAPD promotes involvement of all employees in the operations of the agency 

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