Planning & Programs

The department of planning and programs consists of two sections namely; Planning and Programs and the Information and Technology Unit.

The section of Planning and Programs is responsible for coordinating, planning and budgeting of programs in order to ensure their effective implementation. The section coordinates the preparation, review and monitoring implementation of the Agency’s programs, work plans and annual budgets. Additionally, the section coordinates the production of quarterly, annual, Board and other reports. Furthermore, it is responsible for spearheading the institution strategic direction process the through the development of Strategic plan and implementation plan. Planning and programs is equally responsible for resources mobilization for the Agency through engagements with Cooperating Partners, International Agencies, Non-Government Organizations and Civil Society Organizations among others.

The Information and Technology Unit coordinates the Agency’s Disability Management Information System, database management, Networks, data storage and security, hardware repairs and maintenance and software installation.  The unit ensures that the Agency’s digital Assets are protected, and that internet is available and accessible. IT Unit also provides technical support by resolving the IT challenges faced at headquarters and provincial offices and generally ensures that all IT software is updated and equipment is fully serviced.

The Department places a strong emphasis on collaboration, forging partnerships with governmental institutions, research institutions, Non-governmental organizations, international entities and other cooperating partners. This collaborative approach facilitates the exchange of knowledge, best practices and insights amplifying disability inclusion