Figure 1: Disability mainstreaming – Leave no one behind

Provision of information and raising public awareness

To allow for full integration of Persons with Disabilities, the Agency conducts awareness raising on issues to do with disabilities through the print and electronic media using both public and private facilities available in the community. More information can be accessed on our social media platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp, LinkedIn and through walk-ins at our 11 provincial centres.

Advise relevant State organs and institutions

Through the Department of Rehabilitation and Research, the Zambia Agency for Persons with Disabilities’ other function is to advise relevant State Organs and Institutions on the provision of equal opportunities, empowerment programs and facilities to Persons with Disabilities. It is through this mandate that a number of Persons with Disabilities and Organizations for Persons with Disabilities have benefited from empowerment programs and initiatives through the Citizens’ Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC) and Constituency Development Fund (CDF) among other empowerment programs, thereby improving the economic independence and livelihood among Persons with Disabilities. The Department of may also conduct inquiries into nay matter relating to the welfare, habilitation and rehabilitation of persons with disabilities;

Figure 3: Government, Ministries and other stakeholders are providing inclusive services.

Promote research on all aspects of disability

The Agency in collaboration with the Zambia Statistical Agency, is mandated to keep and maintain statistical records relating to incidences and causes of disabilities to be used for the planning, promotion, administration, monitoring and evaluation of services for persons with disabilities.

Figure 2: A well informed society is supportive of disability issues

Operate schemes and projects

The Department is responsible for operating schemes and projects for selfemployment or regular or sheltered employment for persons with disabilities as provided for under Section 14(d). The Agency currently has fourteen farm centers located in Lusaka (1), Copperbelt (5), Southern (1), Eastern (1), Northern (1), Luapula (4) and North Western (1) provinces.

Promoting the employment of persons with disabilities

The Department promotes the employment of Persons with Disabilities as provided for under Section 39 of the Persons with Disabilities Act No 06 of 2012 which states that, “The Agency shall, in consultation with the relevant institutions, secure the reservation of a prescribed percentage of positions in employment in the public and private sectors for persons with disabilities.”

Figure 4: Promoting Inclusive employment for all.